Event Details


Event Information – Going Virtual in Fenelon Falls

START TIME is 10am in Fenelon Falls on Saturday, February 5th


Teams and Groups will start in scheduled waves confirmed by the organizers.

Please organize based on information confirmed by Event Staff

Register early. Waves will follow COVID Guidelines

If you want your group to have the same start time please email snowshoekawartha@gmail.com.

Start Times for February 5th:

  • 10:00 am – START Wave   1
  • 10:30 am – START Wave   2
  • 11:00 am – START  Wave  3
  • 11:30 am – START Wave   4

Snowshoe Event participants: Please display a Bib Number

Fenelon Falls Location: Louisa Street Toboggan Hill

Course: Start/Finish on Louisa Street Toboggan Hill.


The participants do the course clockwise, never needing to share trails with snowshoers returning to the Finish Line


Start/Finish Line ( Watch for Course Markers )

Start at bottom of the Toboggan Hill, snowshoe up the switchbacks on left side of the hill, entering the forest tract travelling adjacent to Louisa St.  and finish at the Finish Line coming down the left side of the Toboggan Hill.

Race Fees:

Discounts available for all groups, SPECIAL OLYMPICS Participants will receive discount code SOO, please confirm with SOO Directors and Coaches.

Race Participant Swag:

All registered participants will receive a race number with pins, a ticket to win draw prizes.

The first 100 participants will receive a special 2022 Edition “Special Olympics Bandana/Buff”

Race Equipment:

Please wear your snowshoes at all times on the trails, thank you.


Early February can be a wide range of temperatures. Prepare for cold and wear several layers of breathable fabric to wear during the race.

The cut off temperature will be -20c with wind chill. If it is colder, the Race Director has the option to delay the start until it warms up or alternatively shorten the race to reduce exposure to the elements.

Race Participants Preparation:

Snowshoe racing is a vigorous outdoor winter activity. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather of the day.

We advise you to plan for the effort you plan to sustain, do some walking, running and/or snowshoeing in advance of the event to prepare. The Snowshoe Course in Fenelon Falls is Open Jan 1st if you would like to train on the course.

If you are not accustomed to snowshoeing, please consult a fitness coach or consult your doctor.

Snowshoe Trail Protocols and Rules

  1. Snowshoes worn in eventS must be designed to meet or exceed 120 square inches (774.192 sq cm) of surface area. The size should not be smaller than 7″x21″ or 18cm x 53cm
  2. The race distance and course is advertised on the website. Updated trail conditions will be posted 24 hours before the event.
  3. Flags must clearly mark the course trail. A rule of thumb is as one stands beside a flag, the next flag should be visible. Only one colour is used to mark the course. Arrows are used at intersections to indicate which direction to go instead of using a second colour flag.
  4. Trails are clear of trees, branches and debris. There must be passing lanes at regular intervals.
  5. Course marshals may be placed in predesignated spots along the trail to direct participants.
  6. Coaches and spectators should remain in the designated areas and should stay off the trail/course pathways.
  7. Mass starts will be at the race director or technical delegate discretion. (In the event Covid Spacing is needed or over crowding at the race start, a Male and Female wave may be designated)
  8. Snowshoes must be completely behind the start line.
  9. Race bib numbers should be worn on the front of each competitor and be visible at all times.
  10. Snowshoes must be firmly attached throughout the entire snowshoe course. In the event a participant loses a snowshoe, he/she must step off the trail/course and reattach the snowshoe.
  11. Racers will be given a 10 minute warning, followed by a 5 minute warning to race start and every minute  to the Start. The timer will start the race with 30 second till start, 10 second, 5…4…3…2…1 START! For large groups, an air horn may be used.
  12. Disqualifications: An athlete may be disqualified if He/She interferes with another athlete purposely (stepping on the back of snowshoes, bumping, pushing). In the event that an athlete takes a wrong turn and goes off course, he/she must return to the exact point they went off course to continue or else be disqualified.
  13. A participant must retire immediately if ordered by the medical staff and/or race director.
  14. The start line will be clearly marked with a minimum of 1 meters wide and continue to be at least the same width for at least the first 10 meters before narrowing into single track trail.
  15. The snowshoe trail is for a group of participants it will allow for passing lanes numerous times.
  16. Snowshoeing is a wonderful sport, smile and enjoy the incredible wilderness setting.

Fat Tire Bikes

We will assess interest as we move into 2022.

Snowshoe Rental

Please discuss this with your local sports equipment store