Snowshoe Kawartha

Snowshoe Kawartha organizes one of the most popular events in Ontario, held the 1st Saturday in February.

The 2022 Event allows everyone a chance to participate. The Event starts February 5th and runs for two weeks, up to and including Sunday, February 20th.  Participants can experience the 500, 1600 or 5000 Meters Course or with Covid Restrictions its okay to set a course locally. Remember to send your race times to Special Olympics or if you are not a Special Olympics athlete with Snowshoe Kawartha

The Fenelon Falls Course start/finish line is in the gravel pit (toboggan hill) on Louisa Street sets a course that does not cross any streets. The entire course is contained on a secluded tract with beautiful pine forests and undulating trails.

The 2022 event date is held on Saturday, February 5th.


Snowshoeing is the perfect winter recreational activity, it is a wonderful family event. Snowshoeing is safer than many winter sports and “If You Can Walk, You Can Snowshoe” .

Snowshoe Kawartha’s Special Olympics Event across Ontario is on Saturday, February 5th, 2021!

We serve reminded by tradition and our community vision for the future
Acknowledgement: Thank you Fred Thornhill, our photographer